Northern Uranium Corp’s focus has been on discovering a world class uranium deposit at its Northwest Manitoba project. The Company’s experienced management continues to expect high grade uranium mineralization to be found within the licenses, should we be able to find a partner to move the project along. The project is favourably located along the extension of the Mudjatik Wollaston tectonic zone which hosts most of the major uranium deposits within the Athabasca Basin, which are the highest grade uranium deposits in the world.


This theory has been borne out – grab samples of in situ mineralization have run up to 9.5% U3O8 while boulders have contained in excess of 65% U3O8. Prior to Northern Uranium’s involvement, approximately $8 million worth of exploration was conducted on the project – but no drilling has taken place until now.


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April 22, 2015 Updated maps showing recent drilling activity.

April 22, 2015 Maps showing the most recent drilling activity.

April 22, 2015 Updated maps showing recent drilling activity.


These deposits are of the unconformity type, situated near the boundary of the overlying basin sediments and underlying basement rocks. Though the Northwest Manitoba project is not currently underlain by basin sediments, it is thought that the extensive glaciation has stripped these sediments away, leaving the basement rocks exposed. This has the advantage of allowing mineralization to be found at or near surface.

Presence of high grade uranium mineralization on the project!